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When it is time for adults to care for an aging or ill parent, mother or father, the shift in roles is fraught and challenging. For women, when it is our mothers we care for, the experience can bring new found understanding, appreciation or gratitude, but may also bring to light long hidden conflicts and disappointments, underscoring the unique character of the mother-daughter relationship. I believe that women who care for their mothers have important stories to tell. Through this site, I hope to collect and ultimately publish such stories in book form.

Me with my adoptive Mother and Dad at 3 weeks old

My Story

I was adopted at 3-weeks old, 15 years into my parents' marriage. My relationship with my Mother was intense from the start. We were close in many ways, but I believe that her disappointment about not having biological children stayed with her and affected both of us. 

When Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer at 79 years old I became her care coordinator, financial manager and nurse for nearly two years. I gained profound insights into motherhood, forgiveness, compassion, love and vulnerability; it changed me as a woman and as a mom.

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What's Next?

I am currently working a template, guidelines and questions for other women to use in telling and submitting their stories.  My goal is to start soliciting stories by the Spring of 2020. 

If you have a story you want to tell, you can start your writing journey now by reviewing the submissions page. Subscribe below to get updates on the process as it unfolds! Stay tuned!

Deborah Ann

Writer, daughter and mom

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